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KIDS DAY 2017 
Dave KG6SVF posted this picture of Dakota on the air for Kids Day 2017.  Dave reports that Dakota didn't find a lot of activity due to poor band conditions, but managed to work Stations in Hawaii, Ohio and Wisconsin.  

KM6HEB son Alex got on the SARA 2M Repeater and worked several stations around the valley for Kids Day.  

Here at the NZ6Q station, our boys Kyle KM6EQN and Shane (age 7) got on the air and we worked Dave N6LHL on 20M Phone for some good DX there! 

The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 7:45PM by President John NZ6Q the late start the result of a problem at the restaurant where several members had gathered prior to the meeting. Thank you to Charlie WB6NVB and Paul KC6RRR who lead the meeting with introductions as there were several new and returning members.    

The treasurer's report was first order of business.  The membership approved the Board's recommendation to set the dues schedule for 2017 at $20.00 for Individual Membership and $30.00 for Family Membership. The Board also announced the appointment of new member Bob Officer N6TCE as the Member at Large, stating that they hoped Bob's outreach to other area clubs would foster greater cooperation and closer partnerships with our neighboring clubs in Lodi, Manteca, Tracy and Modesto.  The Board appointed Ed N6XMA as Event Chairman and placed him in charge of coordinating with Joni Bauer and the Community Center for the Blind on the 2107 Pedaling Paths to Independence Bike Ride on February 25th.  A call was made to the General Membership for a Membership Chairperson to help promote new and increased membership and activity in the club.  Annie N6ACL raised her hand and volunteered.  

There was a discussion about continuing club raffles at the meetings or changing them.  It was decided that club would offer a 50/50 raffle and some meetings as an alternate to the tradition raffle prizes.  Paul N6KZW agreed to take on the position of Raffle Chairperson and coordinate the monthly raffles as well as receive prize donations from members who wish to donate smaller 'radio related' prizes for the club raffles at the end of each meeting.  

On new business, it was discussed putting together mini-competitions between club members on some of the ARRL contests and offering prizes to club members in competition with each other as well as entering the contest.  John NZ6Q offered to open his station to members who would like to join in the North American QSO Party or NAQP SSB on Saturday January 21st starting at 10:00 AM. Bob N6TCE will be on from Quartz-site, AZ, Dan KB6UNC will be on from Utah and Robert N6GTO will be operating from Valley Springs.  If you would like to join a team, send John NZ6Q an email.  

Ed N6XMA gave a presentation on building your own 'go-kit' for club events or emergency deployments. He demonstrated the bigger of his two go kits he has built which incorporates VHF/UHF dual band radio, APRS station and self-contained 12-Ah battery.  He did a great job.  The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM and several members came forward to pay their dues. Dues are now payable for 2017 and can be paid on the club website through paypal by clicking here.


If you are need of transportation to and from the meeting, please contact Paul, N6KZW or John, NZ6Q and we will arrange transportation assistance for you.

7:30 PM

QST QST QST  ALL Members and Guests are encouraged to attend the February meeting on Thursday February 9th 2017.  The meeting will be held at the Bear Creek Community Church, 11171 N Lower Sacramento Rd just north of Eight Mile Rd in North Stockton beginning at 7:30 PM. 


We will be finalizing plans for support of the Community Center for the Blind Pedaling Paths to Independence Century Bike Ride on February 25th.  Club Member Bob K6DGQ will be presenting his power supply project and Mark has ashort demonstration of contacting the International Space Station.  A 50/50 cash raffle will be held at the end of the meeting with 6 tickets for $5.00 and 1/2 of the cash going to a single winner.    


Members needing transportation assistance to or from the meeting should contact Paul N6KZW or John NZ6Q or a club officer.  We will arrange assistance for you.  


Amateur Operators braved the cold and fog on Thanksgiving morning to support the 2016 12th Annual Run Against Hunger to benefit the Stockton Food Bank.  The venue runs from the Stockton Ports Banner Island Ball Park on Fremont Street, around Weber Point then down Weber Ave to Morelli Park and back. There are fun runs for the kids starting at 8:00 AM, fun run/walk 5K and a 10K run. We arrived starting about 6 AM with everyone checking in by 6:30 AM to get last minute assignment changes, safety vests and deployment before Stockton PD closed the streets at 0700. 

Net Control was set-up in front of the Banner Isl ballpark where we had excellent line of site to the start of the race and the finish line.  We used Paul N6KZW's 2-Meter / 440 radio in a box (Go-Kit) with portable radios on back-up channels for monitoring.  Primary operation was on the K6KJQ 444.325Mhz repeater on top of the Stockton PD building.  


Kyle KM6EQN, newly licensed this summer and not quite 11 years old was put in charge of the operation and his first time as Net Control.  He did an outstanding job with minimal support from John NZ6Q. Taking control of the net from start to finish, we had only one minor incident involving a lost drivers license.  We also coordinated with the race officials and Stockton PD as well as Parks & Recreation to get the bathrooms at the Morelli Park turn-around stocked with TP and open. We covered 10 strategically placed posts for communications and interaction with course marshal volunteers who are charged with keeping the walkers and runners in their own 'lanes'.  


This was one of our biggest volunteer events of the year.  The Run Against Hunger reported over 3500 runners and walkers registered for the event.  That's 7 X as many bike riders as we support on the Delta Century ride in May.  Everyone was secured and on their way to 'Turkey day' by 1030 hours.  

Thanks to the following members and operators who gave up a perfectly good morning to sleep in to support the Emergency Food Bank event:  

Kyle KM6EQN, Larry KI6LNB,  Eric W6INP,  David AA6HO,  Roxane KJ6DGB, Aaron K6AIB,  Mark KM6FQZ,  Guy W6MSU,  Dave N6LHL,  Jeff KJ6RHF,  Paul N6KZW,  Mike K6AAN (who's daughter Ran in the race); Richard KK6TGX and Terry KK6KGX

Thanks also to Glen K6KJQ for use of the 444.325 repeater at the Stockton PD which provided excellent coverage and flawless operation.  Also thanks to David N5FDL for the 444.500 Coronado repeater as back-up.  

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Check out the video of John NZ6Q and 7-year old Sydney at the Rosie the Riveter Memorial in Richmond, CA.... CLICK HERE


Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 2500 feet, the club repeaters cover the Southern Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valleys. The call-sign is W6SF and can be heard on 147.165 MHz and on 442.250 MHz with a PL of 107.2 Hz. Club simplex frequency is 147.51 MHz.

SDARC also has a UHF repeater, operating independently, on 444.575+ PL 107.2.  This is a local low level Stockton repeater with the call W6SF.  As the project progresses, three receiver/voters will be installed via T1 phone lines and the addition of IRLP linking to other repeaters.  
TECH REP:  Steve - K6SCA
Coming Soon!

Plans are underway to install several voting receivers, strategically located on the 444.575 repeater (W6SF) in Stockton.  The addition of these receivers will sharply increase receive capability throughout Stockton and Lodi with the use of a hand held radio.  Check the repeater occasionally for the upgrade.


MEETINGS: Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 1930 hours, located at the Bear Creek Community Church, 11171 Lower Sacramento Road. Members, guests and people having an interest in amateur radio are invited to attend.

WEEKLY NET: The weekly net is held each Monday at 2000 hours on the above named repeaters. Members and visitors are invited to check in. There is also an unofficial get-together on Thursday evenings (Except meeting nights) at 1930 hours on 28.457 MHz. Amateurs with the proper license are encouraged to particip

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