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Museum Ship Weekend Dinner - Only $18.00 - Sign up Now... Saturday, June 3rd at 6:30PM on board the USS Lucid...
Museum Ships Weekend
June 2 - 3 - 4 
Come Join us on the USS Lucid
Museum Ships weekend is an annual amateur radio operating event, in which HAMS operate on the amateur bands from retired maritime vessels, both military and commercial, from all over the world.  The goal is to enable the amateur community at large, the opportunity to contact these historic museum entities and receive written confirmation of the contact. 

Maritime museums, maritime memorials, historic aircraft, and other appropriate entities also participate. Many, if not most of the ships participating in MSW have an active and ongoing relationship with an amateur radio club or group.

The event dates back to the mid 1990s, when it was sponsored by the USS Salem (CA-139) Amateur Radio Club. Since 2006, The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station has assumed sponsorship. Participating amateurs receive a certificate for successful contacts with 15 of the museum entities, and hams who operate from the Ships receive a separate certificate confirming their valued participation. While the primary purpose of the event is to offer the amateur community worldwide access to these historic vessels, the hams operating from the vessels enjoy contacting each other, and pass along frequencies where other ships are operating. Many of the ships have /their original radio equipment restored to operating condition by the hams who operate during the event, and it is always a bonus to make a contact where one or both ends are using communications technology dating back several decades, particularly in Morse code.
Participating museum ship entities usually number between 80 and 100, mostly located in North America and Europe, but also from as far away as Brisbane, Australia. Some of the participants during past years have been----- ---- Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes, Minesweepers, Coast Guard Cutters, Hospital Ships, Ice Breakers, Lightships, Presidential Yacht, Landing Craft, Landing Ship Tank, Missile Ship, Patrol Boat, Rocket Corvette, Victory Ship, Submarines (including U-Boats), Cargo Ships, Tugboats, Fireboats, Freighters, Cruise Ships, Paddle Steamer, and even a Railroad Car Ferry.
If past experience is any guide, there will be many contacts from Hams who are eager to advise that they, their fathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. served on board particular ships in WWII, Korea, Vietnam etc. Some were radio operators themselves, and have actually been on one or more of the Museum Ships, or just plain look forward to contacting the ships every year.
Museum Ships Weekend presents amateur radio operators worldwide the opportunity, if only for a short time and if only tangentially, to participate in the living worldwide history which these Museum Ships created .

The Stockton-Delta ARC is proud to be a part of this rich history lesson.  Guest Operators or just those wanting to look inside the ship are welcome during the event weekend. The event starts at 0000Z on June 3rd (4:00 PM Friday June 2nd) and concludes at 2359Z on June 4th (3:59PM on Sunday June 4th).  There is no cost for anyone wanting to join us our tour the ship - donations to the Stockton Maritime Mobile History Museum are always welcomed.  We are also serving dinner on board Saturday night catered by Chuck's at Pacific Ave Bowl.  Dinner is served starting at 6:30PM. Please follow the link below to reserve your place.  

The May Club Meeting was held at the Bear Creek Community Church starting at 19:30 hours.  The meeting was well attended and one new member joined - welcome to Mike KM6JWE from Manteca.  

Paul KC6RRR gave the club treasurers report.  John NZ6Q presented a check from the Stockton Bicycle Club for $350.00 as a donation to the club.  Paul stated that the current roster is at 62 members and growing.  

Ed N6XMA reported on the Delta Century Ride that the communication went very well and there were minimal incidents.  Bob K6DGQ commented that the woman who's wallet & cell phone were found and turned in at the Sugar Mill Rest Stop was very impressed at how fast we got the word around about the missing wallet.  John NZ6Q reported that Dave Hellyer was very pleased with using the hams as SAG wagons as well as operators.  Ron from Lodi commented that he was listening to the event and was very impressed at how well the operation went on the air.  

The meeting went into planning for Museum Ships Weekend (June 2, 3, 4) and the set up. A work day on board is planned for May 20th starting at 9:00 AM and all members are encouraged to attend and help get antennas and radios in place for the event.  Chucks will be catering dinner on board the ship Saturday June 3rd starting at 6:30PM.  See details on signup below.  Jesus KM6HEB reported that the Boy Scouts were planning on coming to the ship for their radio Merit badge by completing 10 mins on the air or earning 5 QSL cards.  He also thanked Bob N6TCE for his mentoring over two meetings the radio merit badge for the scouts and several scouts abd their parents were studying for their licenses.  

Ed N6XMA stated that Chuck W6COB needs a work party organized to help put up his antenna at his house.  

Bob K6DGQ asked for help Saturday May 13th starting about 8:00 AM at his house in Galt to lower his antenna for repairs.  Lunch will be provided for those who can make it.  Contact Bob directly.  

The club expressed a majority interest in joining the Lodi Club Field Day this year. Their field day site being just a couple miles north of our site on Davis Road. 

Jesus KM6HEB brought in a portable US Military Field Desk and Headquarters which is built around a steamer trunk.  Very cool piece of hardware to put on board the USS  Lucid and use as an operating table for the event as well as other 'portable' events.  He stated that there was a warehouse near the port that had additional military 50s era gear and radios.  Club members expressing an interest can join Jesus at the warehouse after the USS Lucid Work Day on May 20th.  More details to follow.  

Ed N6XMA asked if there was interest in a Club summer Bar-B-Que and Fox Hunt.  There was and the July 13th meeting will be held at Grupe Park starting at 6:30PM with a Bar-B-Que and transmitter "Fox Hunt" John NZ6Q will ask Mike K6MDS to do his presentation on hidden transmitters for the group.  

The next meeting will be held on Thursday June 8th at 1930 Hours at the Bear Creek Community Church. 

The meeting adjourned at 2025 hours after the 50/50 Raffle with Karen K6KSO winning the pot. 

JUNE 3RD AT 6:30 PM 
The USS Lucid will be the site again this year for the club's activation of N6MSO on Museum Ships Weekend.  There will be a set-up work day on Saturday May 20th on board the ship starting at 9:00 AM.  We need to get the antennas and operating positions ready for MSW.

Club members and friends are invited to join us on the Lucid to operate anytime from 4:00 PM Friday June 2nd through 12:00 PM Sunday June 4th. 

Chucks will be catering our dinner on board Saturday Night, June 3rd at 6:30PM.  If you would like to make your dinner reservation, you can do so by clicking here or by going to the USS-Lucid page on the website.  There is a reservation form and a link to pay for your reservation through paypal.  

Qualify or Repeal AB 1785 Hands-Free Driving Law re: Interactive v. Passive Devices Contact Your State Senator by Phone or Email today!

* Calif AB 1785 was passed in 2016 and went into effect 1/1/2017

* Among other things, by varied interpretations it effectively prohibits use of ham, CB, and commercial radios while driving. 

* The letter of the law is ambiguous vs. different or over-reaching interpretations of law enforcement officers and departments, and may or may not enforce, nor do so consistently. 

On May 11th, the bill passed the Assembly untouched. This leaves two chances to get it fixed - the Senate Transportation Committee, and a final Senate vote. If it leaves the Transportation Committee untouched, it will likely never get fixed.

Voters in CA Senate District 15 should call and register their opposition to the Transportation Committee chair - so we hopefully get recognized at their committee meeting to defend our position.

All voters *NEED* to call their respective State Senator - find them:

Share with them specifically: "Hello, my name is _________ from (city). I am calling to register opposition to Assembly Bill 1222, as it is presently worded. I ask instead that AB1222 completely codify the Author's own Legislative Analysis *and* the recent CHP enforcement memo. Instead, I fully support the amendment language of AB1222, as recently offered by the Amateur Radio Operators of California – group."

You can also email your Senator with the same basic language in the text of your email as:  "I am writing you today to register opposition to Assembly Bill 1222, as it is presently worded. I ask instead that AB1222 completely codify the Author's own Legislative Analysis *and* the recent CHP enforcement memo. Instead, I fully support the amendment language of AB1222, as recently offered by the Amateur Radio Operators of California – group."

Your support is needed today.


Today, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released five documents designed to strengthen the Resource Management component of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and is now beginning a 30-day National Engagement period. The National Engagement period will conclude at 5 pm EDT on June 9, 2017.


NIMS provides a consistent and common approach and vocabulary to enable the whole community to work together seamlessly to manage all threats and hazards, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity.


The drafts released today include the NIMS Guideline for the National Qualification System (NQS), NIMS Job Titles/Position Qualifications and accompanying Position Task Books (PTBs), the NIMS Guideline for Mutual Aid, and an updated NIMS Guideline for the Credentialing of Personnel. Together, these documents are designed to enhance interoperability and the effectiveness of mutual aid.


  • NIMS Guideline for the NQS provides a common language and approach for qualifying and certifying deployable emergency personnel, enabling enables mutual aid partners to accurately communicate resource needs in disasters.
  • NIMS Job Titles/Position Qualifications define minimum qualifications criteria for personnel serving in defined deployable incident positions.
  • NIMS Position Task Books (PTBs) identify the competencies, behaviors, and tasks that personnel should demonstrate to become qualified for a defined incident position.
  • The NIMS Guideline for Mutual Aid is designed to help unify mutual aid efforts by providing stakeholders with common practice and processes for use in mutual aid planning.
  • The updated NIMS Guideline for the Credentialing of Personnel provide national standards and guidance for credentialing incident personnel.


FEMA is hosting a series of 60-minute engagement webinars to describe the draft documents and answer participants' questions about providing feedback. All open webinars are geared toward the whole community.


National engagement provides interested parties with an opportunity to comment on the draft documents to ensure that the final documents reflect the collective expertise and experience of the whole community. To review the drafts of the NIMS Resource Management supplemental guidance and tools, and to obtain additional webinar information, visit To provide comments on the drafts, complete the feedback form and submit it to

The ABC's of Morse Code Operating
By Ed Tobias, KR3E

This small but solid guide is the perfect read for those interested in learning 
or improving CW operating techniques!
Within its pages you'll find:

* The secret of becoming a proficient CW Operator
* Where and how to practice, practice, practice.
*  Straight Key or Paddle?
* Adjusting your Straight Key or Paddle
* Keyers, Iambic Keying and Bugs
* Contests, Events, DXing
* Operating QSK
* CW Filters
* Signs, Signals and Procedures
* Tips on Taking CW On the Road . . .  and much, much more!

Only $18.95 including shipping for the 6 X 9 paperback.  Click here for link to the CQ website to order.
I am saddened to report that Life Member Shirley Rose, AA6K passed away on Wednesday February 1st.  Shirly had been battling cancer and had been improving at last reports, but complications from his treatment lead to his unexpected passing.  

Shirl's contributions to the Amateur Radio hobby, Contesting, DXing, and to this club and its membership are too numerous to begin to list here.  There were very few endeavors of the club that Shirl was not a part of.  He organized and contributed to the club's ARRL Field Day activities and acheivements for many years.  He was the W6SF Club Call Sign trustee.  He held this position for many years until he relinquished that position last year to relocate and be closer to family.  Shirl was an avid contester and DXer. Over the years he has shared his wisdom with the club through presentations supporting The California QSO Party, Contesting and good operating procedures in general and the DXers Code of Conduct.  

Shirl's family will be planning a memorial get-together with food and drink for his friends to get together and share their stories of his life and times.  This is tentatively planned for late July at his home in Stockton.  
AA6K Silent Key - Shirl, you will be missed, but not forgotten. 
73 SK
HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams


Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 2500 feet, the club repeaters cover the Southern Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valleys. The call-sign is W6SF and can be heard on 147.165 MHz and on 442.250 MHz with a PL of 107.2 Hz. Club simplex frequency is 147.51 MHz.

SDARC also has a UHF repeater, operating independently, on 444.575+ PL 107.2.  This is a local low level Stockton repeater with the call W6SF.  As the project progresses, three receiver/voters will be installed via T1 phone lines and the addition of IRLP linking to other repeaters.  
TECH REP:  Steve - K6SCA
Coming Soon!

Plans are underway to install several voting receivers, strategically located on the 444.575 repeater (W6SF) in Stockton.  The addition of these receivers will sharply increase receive capability throughout Stockton and Lodi with the use of a hand held radio.  Check the repeater occasionally for the upgrade.


MEETINGS: Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 1930 hours, located at the Bear Creek Community Church, 11171 Lower Sacramento Road. Members, guests and people having an interest in amateur radio are invited to attend.

WEEKLY NET: The weekly net is held each Monday at 2000 hours on the above named repeaters. Members and visitors are invited to check in. There is also an unofficial get-together on Thursday evenings (Except meeting nights) at 1930 hours on 28.457 MHz. Amateurs with the proper license are encouraged to particip

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