Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club





for Net Control Station operators

QST, QST, QST, all radio amateurs. This is [call sign] in [city], opening the Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club weekly net. 

This net is held each Monday evening on the W6SF repeater system on 147.165 MHz and on 442.250 MHz, both with a PL of 107.2.


The Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club meets on the second Thursday of each month at The Stockton Sailing Club, 4980 Buckley Cove; at the west end of March Lane in Stockton.  Meetings begin at 1900 hours, and everyone interested in amateur radio is invited to attend.


This is a directed net. please do not transmit unless called by net control.

The purpose of this net is to carry out amateur radio related communications on behalf of the Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club, as well as all other hams in the area who might like to participate. When you check in, please state your name, your call sign, your location, and whether you have traffic or announcements. Stations having priority or emergency traffic may break into the net at any time by saying “break” followed by their call sign.


We’ll now invite check-ins from our club officers:

  • President & Call Sign Trustee - Charlie, WB6NVB 
  • Vice President – Steve, KN6ZJJ
  • Secretary – Al, KN6IOK
  • Treasurer - Joyce, K6QBQ 
  • Member at large – Mark, W6SXA 
  • San Joaquin Valley Section Manager – John, NZ6Q
  • San Joaquin County Emergency Coordinator – Bob, N6TCE


We will now commence check-ins from other members and guests. Please note that after everyone is checked in, I will call upon each of you to give a brief report of your week in ham radio plus any other comments that you might have for the club or the net. Please do not leave the net without checking out with net control.


We’ll start by inviting check-ins from any new hams who received their first license within the past year. Please respond with your call sign, your name, and your location. Call net control now.


Pause for any new ham check-ins


We’ll now welcome check-ins from stations that are joining our net for the first time. If this is your first check-in with us, call net control now.

Pause for any first-time check-ins


We’ll continue with check-ins from members and guests having call sign suffixes beginning with Alfa through Foxtrot. Call net control now.

Note: if anyone lists an announcement when checking in, ask for the topic. You can then decide whether it should be announced immediately or deferred to that station’s weekly report.


Proceed in this sequence with call sign suffixes:

  • Alfa – Foxtrot
  • Golf – Lima
  • Mike – Romeo
  • Sierra – Zulu
  • all call signs, Alfa – Zulu


Are there any missed members or anyone else who would like to check in? Guest check-ins are welcome. Call net control now.


After all check-ins are complete, call each station for his/her personal report, starting with the officers. After all have reported....


Are there any late check-ins or other business for the net?


When there is nothing further....


That concludes the formal portion of the net, and we are now open for roundtable discussion. Anyone having an item for the roundtable is invited to respond with the their call sign and their topic.


When all roundtable discussion has ended....


I want to thank everyone who checked into the net tonight. Our next club meeting will be on [day, date] at 1900 hours at the Stockton Sailing Club.


On Thursdays we have an informal 10 meter net starting at 2000 hours on 28.457 MHz, upper sideband. Everyone with a current amateur radio license is invited to check in and join the fun on 10 meter simplex.


The Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club weekly net is now closed at [time], and the repeater system is restored to normal operation. This is [call sign] saying 73 and good night.


April 1           Paul              N6KZW

        8           Bob              N6TCE

       15          Charlie          WB6NVB

       22          Steve            KN6ZJJ

       29          Ron              KG7OR


May 6           Dave            N6LHL

      13           Mike             K6AAN

      20           Joyce           K6QBQ

      27           Paul              N6KZW


June 3          Bob              N6TCE

       10          Charlie          WB6NVB

       17          Steve            KN6ZJJ

       24          Bob              KG7OR


July  1          Dave            N6LHL